25 December 2022

Ledger Stax Giveaway by IBCIG

Giveaway just for Malaysian 🇲🇾followers. It’s holiday season & time for gifts & greetings. 

I'll offer a #LedgerStax (RM1,300) to 1 of my Malaysian followers,via @ledger redemption NFT (to claim Ledger Stax in March 2023)

About Ledger Stax
Ledger collaborated with the creator of the iPod to develop Ledger Stax wallet

Hardware crypto wallet Ledger Stax will come with built-in magnets and equipped with Bluetooth. The E Ink touch display will display transaction details and be personalized using any NFT or image.

How Winner Can Claim Ledger Stax through Ledger Redemption NFT ? 
FYI I will buy (already bought) #LedgerStax as a redeemable NFT on @Ledger [Market] as explained from Ledger Tweet : https://twitter.com/ledger/status/1603072450798960640?s=46&t=ZAHgRBvM1EMpjjKuT6Dukg

The NFT can be transferred safely to a wallet address & you can can then claim to receive the brand new Ledger Stax once it's available (March 2023)

Deadline: 28 Dec 2022
Winners will be announced on 29 December 2022

Task : Retweet,Follow Me & Interact this tweet - https://twitter.com/ibcig/status/1606854370838335488?s=46&t=ZAHgRBvM1EMpjjKuT6Dukg