25 December 2022

Heroes of Mavia #AirdropConfirmed - Article by IBCIG

I don’t think people aware of alpha project like Heroes of Mavia that probably gonna be next IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on Binance Launchpad, Mavia received $5.5 Million fund from Binance Labs as lead investor of this project. 

Heroes of Mavia is the latest AAA blockchain base game is predicted to rival Axie Infinity & Clash of Clans.Taking inspiration from the worldwide hit mobile game Clash of Clans, Heroes of Mavia is bringing this competitive gameplay to the gaming blockchain & NFT space. 

Mavia’s Gameplay is similar to COC where players battle on the land of Mavia, growing their base and building their army,all while defending their land. Mavia Game combines the gameplay of Clash of Clans & Axie Infinity on the blockchain that rewards players while playing the game.

Backed in January, I participated in Mavia’s Land WL and managed to secure “Legendary Land” with 0.90 ETH as mint price. As what I expected, the floor price somehow boom 💥 people even offer me to buy the land worth of 7 ETH and I refused to sell because of its potential. 1 common land used to reach 1.2 ETH and I used to post about this. Due to long ass development along with bear market condition📉 , the floor price now dumped to 0.30 ETH for common land. Also, I decided to stake my land for the whole year, staking season 1 will be rewarded NFT Statue & Staking season 2 will be eligible for token airdrop.

Since the project is set to launch next year with FULL-GAME, perks of staking the land you will get $Mavia token airdrop once Mavia listed on CEX and this is what I really look forward to.


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