21 April 2022

Nyan Heroes Has Unveiled First Cinematic Trailer

First cinematic trailer of NyanHeroes has arrived & it’s incredibly mind-blowing. Nyan Heroes gonna be the Fortnite of Solana gaming with this immersive quality graphics along with the vibes of Fortnite & Apex gameplay 

Detail of $Nyn IDO : https://nyanheroes.com/token

Nyan Heroes NFT Genesis available to purchase through below websites 

Opensea Solanart FTX US Alpha Art Fractal 

Project Overview : Nyan Heroes is a Play-To-Earn 3rd Person Shooter Battle Royale, featuring cute cats and deadly robots. This gonna be project of the year on Solana chain, even co-founder Solana promoted this project through his Twitter. Nyan Heroes developed by the team that used to work with EA PlayStation,Ubisoft,Riot Games & Respawn Entertainment. 

Investor & Backers : Yield Guild Games, Alameda Research, Solana Capital & Merit Circle & FTX US,Solana Labs 

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