06 November 2021

PulsePad - The first IDO platform for Pulse Chain

PulsePad’s BlueZilla-Backed IDO is Primed To Explode on 10th November, The PulseChain community and team are delighted to see the first level of PulseChain products emerging to change the landscape, PulsePad. PulsePad is a launchpad developed to help crypto-project teams launch new tokens or other projects on the PulseChain blockchain. 

With the current market sentiment, this is huge news. The PulseChain blockchain is a more sustainable alternative to Ethereum as a result of its validator-based consensus mechanism. It boasts a more efficient virtual machine and fee-based burn solution, and it’s shaping up to change the game by allowing developers to build powerful new applications whilst reducing the load and frequent congestion on the Ethereum network. 

The introduction of a new launchpad – PulsePad – is a critical step for the PulseChain team in achieving this goal, as the launchpad will bootstrap its ecosystem. Not only will PulsePad serve as a gateway to a more efficient blockchain, but teams that launch projects on the launchpad will benefit from PulsePad’s unique tokenomics. 

This is where it gets even more interesting – Projects have to buy and burn the platform’s native token, PLSPAD to launch their IDOs, with taxes of 10% on sells and 25% fee being levied on early unstaking. All IDOs will be settled on the PulseChain blockchain using a wrapped version of ETH called pETH. The team has set up a bridge to make it easy to swap between ETH and pETH, with all IDOs being made freely available to trade on the ecosystem’s DEX, PulseChain DEX.