About us


Hunting4Whitelist offers a free platform for an individual who seeks a whitelist of upcoming public/presale with some preview or highlight of the project.

Value proposition

We bridge the gap in a project-investor relationship by becoming a one-stop center of reference for investors keeping track of project's highlighted key events and updates regularly as the project progresses. Bringing investors into potentially good projects is our priority.

Expected contribution to the project

With years of experience and knowledge in crypto spaces especially in gaming-based projects which within my area of expertise, I can perform KOL marketing exclusively via Twitter (with 470K followers globally) by promoting and shilling the project contents. Having that implemented will increase investors awareness and generates more traffic toward the project significantly.

Fee/asking price

Private Sale OR Minimum 3 WL slot with max 4 posts on communication channel OR Minimum 2 BNB per deal.

Social Media

Current/Ongoing projects


Founder Hunting4Whitelist channel

Hunting4Whitelist is managed by 3 dedicated personnel with years of experience in the crypto industry.

Jan 2021 - Present